Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

The Characteristics of Javanese People

       It is very interesting for me when I write about characteristics of my tribe,Javanese.There are several characteristics of Javanese people that can be distinguished from other tribes. They are about style of language, custom of  Javanese people and personality of Javanese people.
       First of all is about style of language, The Javanese have difference style of speaking.They have three style of speaking. The first one is informal,and then polite, and also extremely polite.These style depends on social status. For example: when they talk to people who have lower status than their, they use informal language. and when  they talk to people who have same status,they use polite language. when they talk to people who have highest status than their, like when they talk to prince in the palace of Java, they use extremely polite language.
     The another characteristic is custom of Javanese people. The Javanese people have many cultural that very strong.for example when the rich harvest season arrives, they held a celebration event. The last characteristic is about personality of Javanese people.Javanese people have intense spirituality and intimate family relationships. They always together even in difficult circumstances. They have a slogan "makan tidak makan yang penting ngumpul".
    All in all,Javanese people have very unique characteristics that can be disthinguished from other tribes.

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